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Autoinit is supported only for persistent missions!


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@Leeston The Problem shoulde be in the .BAT thats my .BAT reight now.


@echo off
color 0a
title Exile project server
echo Launching Server
cd "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3\arma\"
echo Exile Dayz Server starting!
start "Arma3DayzExileAce" /high /wait "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3\arma\arma3server.exe" "-mod=@Exile;" "-ServerMod=@ExileServer;" "-config=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3\arma\@ExileServer\config.cfg" "-port=2302" "-BEPath=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3\arma\Battleye"  "-profiles=Exile" "-cfg=C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3\arma\basic.cfg" "-name=ExileProject" -autoinit
goto Serverstart

I have an issue right now with Bambi Spawn creation faild -.- 

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thanks buddy that got it, my paths were incorrect. :)

Just a thought but i had the bambi creation issue with a past server and it turned out to be the database not connecting. I fixed it by simply restarting the database and the server machine. Worth a shot.

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