Roaming Trader Script.

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Hey @infiSTAR,

People are complaining that the addon (Roaming Trader) is being blocked and people are being kicked for it.

OP found here: < Latest

Here is the updated version that i released, apparently was working until V91. Use the version on my Git to go off of as Second Coming hasn't updated his main repo yet. 

Below is a hacklog.


27.03.2018 11:59:23: Tri-Klops(76561198137331036) isAdmin? true: HLOG_SKICK: Tri-Klops(76561198137331036) | Possible Hackmenu found (TraderMenu): idd: 24007, parent idd: -1, texts: ["4000: TRI-KLOPS","4001: Black Market Trader","2003: STATS","4002: 1182","1032: \A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Rsc\RscDisplayArcadeMap\icon_exit_cross_ca.paa","4003: #(argb,8,8,3)color(1,1,1,1)","4005: M93 (Tiger Stripe)","4005: Outdoor-Pack (schwarz)","4005: SPMG .338 (Schwarz)","4005: .338 NM 130-Schuss-Gurt","4005: SA61","4005: 7.65 mm 20Rnd Mag","4005: Karte","4005: XM8","4005: Funkgerät","4005: GPS","4005: Entfernungsmesser","4006: CANCEL","4007: SELL","4009: M590A1 (Long)","4009: M590A1 (Short)","4010: PURCHASE","4013: LOAD","4014: 567/1700","4017: ARMOR","4018: 0","4021: ARMOR","4022: 0","4025: ARMOR","4026: 0","4029: ARMOR","4030: 0","4033: ARMOR","4034: 0","4037: ARMOR","4038: 0","4041: 0","4042: 0"] | 0h 2min 48s [05-03-2018 14-15-36 - [BETA 1520130326]]

Anything temporary would be great if at all possible, otherwise i saw listed in Discord to ask for addons that are blocked to be solved :P

Thanks bby :* 

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On 23/04/2018 at 8:22 AM, dvinskiy said:

Hello, have you solved this problem?

I don't know.

On 04/05/2018 at 8:08 PM, General_Jacob said:

Hey guys, my server badly needs a fix for this. @Monkeynutz have you found anything?

No, I don't see a need for the roaming trader on my servers therefore I have no fix.

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