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Hi we have this and it currently shows the 2 messages show below
    {1, 1, 3, "Welcome to RedGamers DayZ"},
    {1, 1, 3, "Enjoy your stay!"},
    {-1, -1, 6, 0.36, -0.7, 0.84, "#e5e5e5", "PuristaMedium", "Welcome<br/>Enjoy your stay!"},
    {-1, 20, 10, 0.36, -0.7, 0.84, "#e5e5e5", "PuristaMedium", "Protected and administrated by<br/> AdminTools, AntiHack and more!"}
but we want to add more global messages to the side chat and not sure how to do it, so we have the welcome and enjoy your stay but we also want more
messages to show for example to "join discord for more info on rules and to chat with other players" "we have no traders or safezone" just extra messages
like the 2 ive listed but we, of course, wnat to add more than that and we also want them to randomly show constanly  throughout the server time
so if players join late they still see these messages, currently the 2 we have only show on load in but we want omething were it shows every 10-15 minutes.
If someone can paste how they have done it then we can just copy and change it to fit for our server but we really just need to know what to chnage, what
to put in and where.

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