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Issue with database connection (?)


Hey guys,
I've been sitting with this one for a while and can only assume it's database-related when checking the RPT.
I setup an Exile server a few days ago for me and a few friends with the CUP mods, CBA and RyanZombies, along with this I have the DMS and Exile Occupation addons installed. It's all working great, when I start the server up there's no errors in the log and I can connect and play just fine. The issue however is that when I log out and then try to login again (can be if I simply relog, don't have to wait) I'll get stuck at "Waiting for server to load" and the RPT starts throwing "ExileServer - Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol" errors.

To sum it up; can connect fine, cannot relog or connect a second time unless I restart the server. I can always join the first time after restarting. Perhaps it's an issue with the mission being looped where it's able to start the mission up the first time around but not the second? In that case, any idea as to what would cause that?

Here's my full RPT from my last relog attempt: https://hastebin.com/cizequmebe.tex
I find it strange since it's perfectly able to load the database tables on the first connection, but then throws unknown protocol on relogging?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Seems I had "persistent" turned off in the configuration file, I turned this on and enabled "-autoinit" in the commandline. Now seems to be working fine.

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