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Uber easy color correction for Exile, complete with atmospheric presets like radiation, sun scorched, Silent Hill blue, etc. This is my first ever release, so be gentle with my mod hymen. xD

Thanks to MGTDB for showing me the way on this.


Installation: add effect.sqf to your Exile.Altis.pbo in the main directory.
    Add the following line of code to the very top of your InitPlayerLocal.sqf file:
    call compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "effect.sqf"; // color correction script
    Comment out or uncomment any one of the preset colors listed in the effect.sqf or feel
    free to add your own.
    To generate your own correction:
    Paste any one of the presets from effect.sqf into the Eden debug console. Make your changes, then copy those changes to a new
    preset in the effect.sqf file.
    So easy, even I can do it.

Download link:



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1 hour ago, kuplion said:

Could you upload to this pastebin or GitHub instead of a download host that requires an email? Thank you.

Would also appreciate thanks! Will check back in a few hours :)

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@metta. Never thought about that but in that case you'll need to do the color correction within exile files

ExileClient_gui_postProcessing_initialize.sqf (for initial color correction)

ExileClient_gui_postProcessing_reset.sqf (for when it comes back to normal after bleeding/taking damage or getting hammered)

ExileClient_gui_hud_thread_update.sqf (Bleeding/taken damage corrections)

ExileClient_gui_baseCamera_event_onLoad.sqf (Filename says it all)

ExileClient_gui_baseCamera_event_onUnLoad.sqf (Same as above)

ExileClient_object_player_death_startBleedingOut.sqf (Not exactly sure if it's necessary in here but might aswell make it consistent i guess, just take notes of the differences in ColorizeRGBA array as the last number is 0 but regular default is 1)


Making corrections in these files will ensure that it's consistent all the way through however it will require some extra overwrites though the files are rather small.

On the positive side you can add extra descriptions for when you die in ExileClient_object_player_death_startBleedingOut.sqf

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