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Server Crash help me!


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Quick Answer:

I would start by just starting ARMA - NO MODS.  If it crashes, re-install ARMA.  If it starts, then add ONE mod at a time till it pukes.  When it crashes, the LAST loaded mod will be the issue.  Then re-install that mod as re-try.



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I would say it is related to Ryan Zombies, and infiSTAR spamming your logs. The server client can only process so much before crashing.

 7:40:58 Error in expression <ˇ0>
 7:40:58   Error position: <ˇ0>
 7:40:58   Error Invalid number in expression
 7:40:58 VoteThreshold must be in 0..1 range. Defaulting to 0.5 // Vote Threshold isn't set right.

8:09:32 CallExtension 'ARMA_LOG' could not be found // Did you not put your ARMA_LOG.dll in your server root folder?

8:11:50 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.
ryanzombies // Try declaring the mod in your mission.sqm  addons section and make sure you've added the key to the key folder

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