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[SOLVED] Infistar donate app


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4 hours ago, Lincoln. said:

 I have infistar donate app on xm8. And I want to change the donate web address. This one is now: http://htmlload.infistar.de/donate.html and I want this: https://www.paypal.me/Clanwarfare1 but it does not work. Someone have any idea?

That's not a HTML page. Create a HTML page with your donate link on it and use that page in the Donate app instead.

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Hi @kuplion


Sorry to bring this up again but I'm not sure how to call the HTML page I've made in Notepad++? It works if I open the HTML document, just don't know how to call it in the XM8 config file for the donation app (the file being called fn_donate.sqf).





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