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Exad xm8


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unpack your mission.pbo in mpmissions
in unpacked folder go to: Exile.yourMission/ExAdClient/CfgFunctions.cpp
class ExAd
tag = "ExAd";
#include "Core\CfgFunctions.cpp"
//#include "AdminEvents\CfgFunctions.cpp"
//#include "HaloParachute\CfgFunctions.cpp"
#include "XM8\CfgFunctions.cpp"
#include "StatsBar\CfgFunctions.cpp"
//#include "VehicleSalvage\CfgFunctions.cpp"



just put // infront of app you dont want to use, note that statsbar requires these apps so I uncommented them so you can just copy/paste it (only Core, XM8 and statsbar enabled):

StatsBar Dependencies:

  • Core
  • XM8
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