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Weapon suppressor list?

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Hi, I’m new to exile mod. I found bunch of suppressors thru out the game. But no matter what suppressor I have, none of them ever match the guns I have. I usually have 10-12 suppressor. When I click to read the description, it never tells me this is for the Aug, ar15, AK or any DMR. A few shows ammo size on the suppressor. But when I find the same gun that uses that caliber of ammo the suppressor still won’t fit. 


Do we we have a spreadsheet or a data base that tells me which suppressor is for which gun?

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Hi @Albanyfx and welcome to Exile :)

Regarding weapon suppressors, the base Exile mod utilises the ARMA 3 weapons and suppressors which means that it is based upon weapon calibre. So, a weapon using 5.56mm rounds needs a 5.56mm supressor etc. It's pretty simple.

I'm guessing by your post that you are just playing on a customised server (as most are), I'd also hazard a guess that the server you are playing on is using a weapon mod of some description. Some of these weapon mods have one suppressor for each and every gun in their arsenal and without knowing which gun mod the server you are playing on has added, I can't point you in the right direction of where to start looking for information.

I, personally would look at the mods your server is using then open up the ARMA 3 launcher, select the same mods, load the game and open the virtual arsenal. In there, you should be able to find the guns you are using regularly on the server and see what accessories are compatible with that weapon. It's how I got started with understanding how the weapon accessories work in the game. It's also an opportunity to test the weapons out in a controlled environment.

I hope that helps somewhat.

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