Exile Tembelan Mission File - Draft 1

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Hi all here is my first shot at making a mission file from scratch

I have all trader npcs set up, spawn zones and contamination zones. 

I figured i would release it seeing im not that good or just dont have enough time on my hands to do everything. Maybe a community release would be good getting the whole thing going and keep it updated on this thread.




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No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Tembelan'.

I enabled Temberlan in steam mods
copied ben.key to keys folder on server
added Exile.Tembelan.pbo mission to mpmissions

I was getting temberlan in the editor so i knew it was a serverside problem


copy   client temberlan.pbo and temberlan.pbo.ben.bisign to @Exileserver where dms is etc

all OK


The only thing i noticed is when you spawn and land and look at map you can.t see a thing but mist but it clears after a while and yes i did alter server time to half eight in the morning but the same, apart from that a good map.

i have a3xai running and dms loot crates

i have dms occupation with my own town and military missions

Ihave dms bandit missions running

iI have convoi mod


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