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Searching fór Chernarus Isles or Redux pbo

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hey there,

I want to set up a new map, either chernarus isles or open chernarus.

i got the mod packs of the map. but how do i get that "Exile.Chernarus" pbo for those maps? i have my old trader config files that i want to copy to the new pbo. so how do i get the chernarus.pbo to load the map?

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If by "mod pack", you mean CUP terrains, then you put the folder @CUPterrains in your main server folder, then you have to have an Exile.Cherarus.pbo file in your mpmission folder. Once you have those two, you need to use launch your server with the proper configs to tell the server what mission to use. I use TADST to lauch my servers. Super easy. You can just check a box to choose available missions and mods. DL it from Armaholics. That should point you in the right direction.


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