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1.0.4 on player respawn..


The title might not match perfekt but i guess if u read this u will take your time to help me out. iam searching since like an hour for the file called on a player respawn.

Iam using a script that allows players to search through garbage containers, the problem with it is that on death of a player the script stops running unless he relogs. i would like to set the init point fpor the script at the moment when the bambi icon shows in the top right corner to ensure players can still search for trash after respawn.

can anyone tell me where to find that file i need to work and how it is called.. i did find exile_server\code\es_obj_player_createbambi.sqf (<- obviestly not the right filename but i guess u will know what i mean) but putting it in like this


_parachuteNetID = "";
if ((getNumber(configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "BambiSettings" >> "parachuteSpawning")) isEqualTo 1 && {!(_escapeEnabled)}) then
	_position set [2, getNumber(configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "BambiSettings" >> "parachuteDropHeight")]; 
	if ((getNumber(configFile >> "CfgSettings" >> "BambiSettings" >> "haloJump")) isEqualTo 1) then
		_bambiPlayer addBackpackGlobal "B_Parachute";
		_bambiPlayer setPosATL _position;
		_spawnType = 2;
		_parachuteObject = createVehicle ["Steerable_Parachute_F", _position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
		_parachuteObject setDir _direction;
		_parachuteObject setPosATL _position;
		_parachuteObject enableSimulationGlobal true;
		_parachuteNetID = netId _parachuteObject;
		_spawnType = 1;
	_spawnType = 0;
	[] execVM "path\file.sqf";  //<<<<<------

and yes. i know this will only work for groundspawn but as i dissabled the halospawn it should match

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