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Hey everybody,
i experience the following problem:

Im spawning an AI group of the side east. After they spawned, they immediately kill theirself like in a deathmatch.

I search for a solution and tried evrything i found. Changing clothing etc.
Than I tried to fix it by myself, first i disabled some mods(ryan zombies, extended survival pack) and shit like that, but looks like its a exile problem.
next i thought its the map (cause im using esseker) but also  on altis same. I tried it on my server AND in the editor directly, but in both cases, no change in behavior.
So i started creating them of group independent and west and see, they no longer killing each other but also wont attack me, so i tried for the west side following:
west setFriend [independent, 0];
in the hope, they will now attack me. But what happens: they started to deathmatch again... (same with procedure for independent)
One interesting fact:
when i try to get the side of the AIs, it says:

side KI1

this side is created by exile, i think cause its no normal arma 3 side.

my script:

_group = createGroup east;
ki1 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14679,16727,0], [], 0, "NONE"];
ki2 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14671,16719,0], [], 0, "NONE"];
ki3 = _group createUnit ["O_V_Soldier_hex_F", [14667,16733,0], [], 0, "NONE"];
ki1 disableAI "PATH";
ki2 disableAI "PATH";
ki3 disableAI "PATH";

i created them on the alits airfield and on esseker at the military area.


One last idea i had is,  that the new  arma 3 update and the exile version is  a bit incompatible


Exileversion: 1.0.4a and latest Arma 3 version

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Curious ........ I run A3XAI set to east ...... they attack every player in range ...... but no comrades.

And I have Exile 1.0.4a with ryanzombies, extended base mod, CUP terrains core, G.O.S song bin tanh, mozzie, unsung vietnam war mod and CBA.

Arma is updated to 1.82


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This is one of those ongoing ARMA bugs that comes up from time to time I suspect.... it's certainly not the first time I've seen someone post this problem on the forums.

The only things I remember people suggesting were that server performance impacts this (server FPS under 10 is what comes to mind) as do the number of AI spawned in at one time as well as total number on the map. The other problem was the timing - if the AI were spawned straight after server load, they tended to behave like this but 15-20 minutes after they were fine.

Not sure if there's anything else I can add, this is just what I seem to remember other people posting as suggestions/solutions previously. I do get the issue from time to time on my own server and it's most commonly seen with the first 1 or 2 missions after server start for me so I've never worried about it.

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