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@Anhor - I did rethink my last statement of 'no more comments' and I thought of two things, the 2nd is the most important though.

#1 - All I know is this.  Start ARMA with the mod and load the map.  Either it will work or not.  If it does not, those engines (if present) do not work, they are static.  This mod does work and I have used in in SP AND in MP (Exile, Tanoa) - It WORKS (at least in < v1.82 - I have not tried it since then).

#2 - I will tell you this though and it might be the source of your issue.  When I have used his mod in the past (4-6 months ago), once I got onto the train, it would take anywhere from 1-2 minutes to actually load/initialize/do something to the mod before I could 'drive' the train, SP OR MP!  After that, there was no issue.  This MAY be what you see.  One would think you jump onto a train and you go, not the first time you use this mod.  2nd time and there on, yes, not the first time.


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Agree that. Delay time depends from server to server I think. As you told, the FIRST TIME using a engine takes time ...... if the mod is loaded ONCE it works instant by a second try.

If someone use infiSTAR and this mod you must disable TP detecting ........ otherwise you stand on the same place you started with the train.

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