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I am currently developing a new server for my community and this is my first go around with an Exile server. My past experience lies with Life servers as I learned a majority of what I know regarding Arma 3 coding. The server/community that I was with previously for Life had a web interface that was out of game that interacted with the server's database and allowed for staff to change a player's level, whitelisting, money, bank etc. I am looking for something similar with different abilities.

Is there anything out currently that has the ability to do these features or some of them? I have searched through the forums and found a few that were being worked on but it seems as though they were never completed. Forcing a player to be online or a staff member to be in game makes staffing a server difficult but still doable. I wasn't sure where to post this so my apologies if this is in the wrong section.
Here are the features I am looking for:
- The ability to compensate players for loss of in game items either through poptabs or items.
- The ability to manage a players respect.
- The ability to manage territories to help players move or delete old ones. 
- Clan Management for bugs etc.
- Vehicle Inventory Management 
- Vehicle /Base Pin Reset
- Logs of all of the above changes being made.

Keep in mind these are things I would like to do out of game. I have other in game admin resources this is strictly out of game I am looking for. 
Thanks in advance! 

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Hello LeaveItToBeevers,

Some of what you ask is already available!  You would use MySQL's WorkBench to attach to the remote DB server and make changes there.

This program would address most of what you seek.  Not perfect, but you can do these things.

Get it HERE


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