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help with the mission

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I have been trying to set up the exile server so that i can have a scheduled restart, I had the server working with TADST but couldn't figure out how to make an auto restart so I uninstalled everything and followed @S. guide to setting up the server minus using the steamcmd, i just used steam itself to download the server(don't have to worry about making sure it updates and all that). but i cannot get the server to read the mission and maybe someone can help here is my autostart that i am using

@echo off
color 0a
title Exile Monitor
echo Launching Server
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server"
echo Exile Server Monitor... Active !
start "Arma3" /min /wait arma3server.exe

"-mod=@exile;@advanced_rappelling;@advanced_sling_loading;@advanced_towing;@advanced_urban_rappelling;@cba_a3;@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_maps;@enhanced_movement;@extended_base_mod;@extended_items_exile;@fox_survivalcars;@friths_ruin;@isladuala3;@ka_weapons_pack_new;@project_opfor;@rhsafrf;@rhsgref;@rhssaf;@rhsusaf;@z-hunters;@ryanzombies -servermod=@exileserver; -config=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\config.cfg; -port=2302; -profiles=SC; -cfg=C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\basic.cfg; -name=SC; -autoinit;"
ping -n 15 >NUL
echo Exile Server Shutdown ... Restarting!
ping -n 5 >NUL
goto Serverstart



and here is the config that it is reading from

hostname                            = "Tartarus Gaming Server";
password                             = "Tartarus";
passwordAdmin                          = "*******";
serverCommandPassword                = "*********";
logFile                                = "server.log";
verifySignatures                       = 1; // Do NOT use verifySignatures=2! It costs too many FPS
BattlEye                            = 1;
requiredBuild                         = 144647;
allowedLoadFileExtensions[]         = {:};
allowedPreprocessFileExtensions[]     = {"sqf"};
allowedHTMLLoadExtensions[]         = {"html"};
motdInterval                         = 5;
maxPlayers                             = 30;
voteMissionPlayers                     = 200;
voteThreshold                         = 200;
allowedVoteCmds[]                     = {};
allowedVotedAdminCmds[]                = {};
disableVoN                            = 0;
vonCodecQuality                     = 30;
persistent                            = 1;
kickDuplicate                         = 1;
equalModRequired                     = 0;
kickClientsOnSlowNetwork            = 0;
timeStampFormat                     = "short";
onUserConnected                     = "";
onUserDisconnected                     = "";
doubleIdDetected                     = "";
onUnsignedData                         = "kick (_this select 0)";
onHackedData                         = "kick (_this select 0)";
onDifferentData                     = "kick (_this select 0)";
motd[]                                 = {"Welcome to Arma 3 Exile Mod!", "", "Enjoy your stay!" };

class Missions
    class Exile
        template = "Exile.isladuala3";  // Exile.Namalsk, Exile.Altis, Exile.Tanoa, ExileEscape.Altis, ExileEscape.Tanoa

        // do NOT use custom difficulties!
        // Use either ExileRegular or ExileHardcore
        // or you will break Exile!
        difficulty = "ExileRegular";


I have just starred out my passes so yeah but other than that everything is the same and it will start the server and everything but stops here

12:07:56 Dedicated host created.
12:08:05 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217)
12:08:05 Host identity created.
12:08:05 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303

and won't go any farther any help is appreciated plz cuz i've almost put my head through my desk trying to figure this out

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