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I have finally manned up and I'm finally going to announce my website to everyone, as many know I've been around the community for awhile, I've had my ups and my downs, many people know me for the "great" work i do, and help i have provided, so... without further ado...


Current scripts on my website (For more information on these scripts, please visit my website):

  • SM_Paint v2 (Base painting)
  • SM_SafeZonePlus (Anti-theft in safezones)
  • SM_VectorBuilding (Allow players to build in all vectors)
  • SM_SpawnSelect (Enhanced spawn select GUI (Territory spawning, and timers))
  • SM_TraderPlus (Enhanced trader GUI)
  • SM_DynamicMenu (3D replacement for scrollwheel)
  • SM_LoneVirtualGarage (1 vehicle garage to store a vehicle)
  • SM_IncomingMissile (Sound / visual warning of incoming missile)
  • SM_VehicleService (Repair / Refuel / Rearm)
  • (And many more to come)


Accepted payment methods:

  • Paypal (Also allows Debit/Credit card)
  • Stripe (Debit/Credit cards, and a few other things)
  • (More may come in the future)


You're able to add reviews to this thread, good or bad (MUST ABIDE BY EXILE FORUM RULES).

Just because you're salty because I've done something bad to you (Like Ban you from my site (for reasons)) do not post on this thread....

Keep this thread for reviews only, please do not comment for support on scripts, or script suggestions etc... please do so by making a post on my forums. 

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I can attest to this mans work. He helps people with rando shit all the time.. And his script work is top notch.. If anything of his gets broken by an update he is really quick about getting a fix in pronto. Top notch work and he's a pretty cool guy to deal with. 

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I've also bought scripts from Stokes previously. Great to deal with, fantastic quality scripts and provides ongoing support to the Exile community as a whole. Stokes' vector building script is an excellent example of a quality script, after a year of struggling with the free one on Github, I bit the bullet and bought Stokes version, absolutely no regrets.

@StokesMagee well done for manning up and asking if you can post the Ad :) 

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