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Okay so basically I have made a server with the website gaming deluxe as it was the cheapest within my area, I really need to know how websites like that work, I've now spent a good part of 2 days doing trial and error runs on the server with mods and changing config files, I honestly don't know what I need to do, I've never really scripted in my life so have no clue when it comes to that and just really need help sorting this out, not even sure if I've posted this in the correct topic area, i hope to hear from someone soon.

Thanks, :) SkyGamer247

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Hello, this topic section I believe is for GSP's to advertise themselves (I could be wrong as that was back when I first started on this website...) When adding mods if it is a mod that adds items, you'd have to add those items to your traders and to your loot tables if you want the items to drop. It's not very difficult to edit the loot tables, but you will need the loot table compiler program to help compile your loot table that you have edited. Here is the link to the compiler. 

 This post includes a tutorial on how to use the compiler. It also depends on what mod(s) you are planning on adding as well, if you are using a mod that adds items, you'd use loot table, if you are adding a mod that adds specific ai like Zombies from Ryan's Zombies and demons, you'd have to edit the map and manually add those spawn points in so that the zombies may spawn, I believe for that one you will have to use Eden editor, which there are many videos out there that explain how to use it. 

Now I am not 100% sure on the quality of this video as I am at work and never turned on the volume, but there are many sources out there explaining how to use Eden editor, and if you have the mod like zombies and demons already downloaded and installed on your own game of Arma, you should be able to enter the eden editor and use the resources that the mod adds, now don't quote me entirely on that as it has been a while since I have used eden editor for exile and arma in general. 

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the positive reply Justin! Nice to know there aren't just trolls on the website :D this should help me get atleast a little further into setting the server up, not sure how long its going to take me but hope everything turns out okay in the end or else it was a waste of money! 

Thanks again, Jack

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