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Ok so here is the full story of what im trying to accomplish, Im running a lan server on chernoredux and building a base in the underground bunker near altar, problem is its to dark in the tunnel system. What i found out tho is that placing large airport lights outside the bunker actually lights up the underground tunnels as well since that light shines through objects. Problem is that lights in arma shut off  at day light, but the sunlight does not go into the tunnels like the lamp posts. So my goal is to make the light posts in arma stay lit during the day. Visually they look lit but the dont put off any light. I found something that i have been tinkering with but doesnt seem to work. Ill paste below. Now keep in mind i have never made my own script or code before just worked off what others have made and followed directions.  Does this even look like something that would work and if so maybe i put it in wrong and its not running server side. Btw this is the light posts  we are using around the base "Land_LampAirport_F" and this is were i got the code ""  but made changes since that code is set to turn lights off,  i basically just reveresed the numbers for on and off.



// turn lights on near player
    for "_i" from 00.97 to count getAllHitPointsDamage _x - 1 do
        _x setHitIndex [_i, 0];
forEach nearestObjects


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