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Hey need help with setting up a server willing to pay for a one off no paying by the hour. 

We wanna set up a custom dedicated sever just message me on discord or steam chubs1336. thanks xoxox

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50 minutes ago, ATU.Lasthope said:

hi mate we are trying but just getting stuck on bits and need someone to help show us. thats it 

Read that guide 3 times before you start. If you follow that to the letter, you'll have a fully working server.

I used that guide when I first setup a server and it's still not let me down yet!

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Hello @ATU.Lasthope,

I know you do not like hearing what @kuplion stated, sadly, it is true and is the BEST answer.  When there are updates, be it a mod, Exile, or ARMA, most times, it will 'break' something.

By paying someone else, all you do, in truth, is become a SLAVE to that person.  You are 'beholden' unto them.  Worse yet, what happens when you have that issue and this person is dead?  Left ARMA/Exile?  Does not want to be bothered with it anymore?  You're screwed!  Not only that, while your server is 'down', any and all players you managed to 'collect' WILL go to other servers and most will NOT COME BACK.




Knowledge is power!

Success is not easy, and certainly not for the lazy!

Procrastination is like a credit card,  it's a lot of fun till you get the bill!

The expert of today was a rookie in the beginning!

I "can't" never did anything!




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