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Cup/Exile Ka-50 Gudied rockets bouncing 2k+


Seems CUP is landing on Exile to fix this... KA-50 and a couple of other gunships with guided rockets seem to bounce off target 2km+,,, seem to hit if less then 1999,,, also the dmg is way off not any splash dmg,,, Have tested this many times and same thing,,,

Here is what CUP had to say...: Community Upgrade Project CUP and Exile have their compatibility issues. Nothing we can do from our side, this is an Exile issue

Sure would like to have this fixed asap... seem the KA-50 can load out with 2 different distance guided rockets, 10k-40k....So, what I have are guys one the ground targeting me 4km+ with a stinger, and can hit me,,,yet I cant touch him unless I'm within 2km or less really? How is this?  Realistic? Not in the least lol ...Help

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Disclosure; I know f**k all about the backend of the ARMA 3 engine. I'm just throwing out an idea.

Perhaps this is a problem with the Exile simulation engine? The latest Exile version supports both it's own dynamic simulation and the inbuilt dynamic simulation that BI added to the game engine recently.

If this is your own server, try switching over to the ARMA 3 dynamic simulation and giving it a try again. If it's not your server, ask the admin if they can try running the server on the ARMA 3 dynamic simulation engine to see if it fixes the problem.

Anyone else on the forums got any better suggestions?

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