InfiSTAR Access thru MySQL - is it possable

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Is it possible to make infistar admin access thru a MySQL database? So you don't have to restart server just to add a players UID to the admin list, and to give individual access to some privileges. I have uploaded a picture of the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG file that might help with what I am trying to incorporate. I have already looked at all topics, you-tube videos and website. The only thing close is Arma life witch might grand access to a police officer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I am also trying to incorporate MCC into Exile, but with no success. If anyone know where I might fine the conflict or the starting point, please chime in.


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Even if that would work, you still had to restart the server cuz the exile ahat config is loaded once when infistar is initializing/upon server start and not upon player join (taking your example of altis life police ranks).



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