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Help needed, struggling with exile escape database


arma 3 rpt log.PNGextdb log.PNGHi Gents,

I have a database problem i cannot fix, i have setup many exile servers before so im familiar with the setups. the problem i currently have is that with the new exile server 1.0.4a server files it seems like im missing some tables for the exile escape.sql. i could be wrong but i'm assuming it.

I have tried with heidi sql and navicate the result is the same, when i load into the game im either stuck in the grass in tanoa or have a view of the water in altis.

Yes i have edited in extd2 the name to exile escape, yes i have changed the mission file in config.cfg. 

attached is pics of the logs that might help



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I've just tried setting up an escape server and also get these errors. I'd be interested to know how to get it running.

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