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I am currently looking for a developer that has the time to take on a decent sized project. You will be solely responsible for various tasks so please do not apply unless you are confident you can handle the workload. You will be paid hourly(payment schedule to be discussed). An ideal candidate will be able to:


-add scripts and mods flawlessly 

-configure server files and be able to troubleshoot issues

-be familiar with the exile mod and arma engine

-be familiar with database work

-custom mapping is a plus

-know how to use and configure infistar 

-be able to work at least a few hours a day for the next week or so

-if you can do custom work please note that in your pm



Please PM me for more information. 

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1 hour ago, MetalHead said:

Another lazy Bastard

And you took the information he's lazy from where? Did you had a private we don't know about, you should mention?!


Some peeps just don't have the time (starting from scratch, figure out bla bla) but resources and ideas to create something by themself. Beside the fact we already have hundreds of low/0 pop servers - what's wrong askin for someone, setting up a server for money?


Do you also question someone lookin for a doc treating a (simple) wound, someone ask for an electrician taking care of your doorbell or the guy askin a mechanic replacing your wheels, tax declaratio...and so on...


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