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Arn Olsen

Death after sudden disconnect


On my server, all players die after any accidental disconnection.
The client is frozen- death
Bad module error- death
Lost connection to the server - death
Perhaps this is some kind of protection from the "combat-relog", but my server is played mostly by friends and disconnects happen without malicious intent. And very disappointing when the server kills the players in this case.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Hello @Arn Olsen,

What you describe is not part of default ARMA nor default Exile.

I would suggest you examine all mods and their configurations you have installed and maybe even reinstalling ARMA and Exile.

Either you have misconfigured ARMA/Exile some how, have a misconfigured mod, have a 'bad mod', or any of those.


What you describe is NOT part of either to do such.  You have altered something somehow or have a 'bad mod'.




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