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Project Manager for new Survival PvP server

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I am currently looking for a Project Manager for our server, Tesseract Exile. We are going for a more "hardcore" theme while still leaving the game enjoyable for all. We have custom mapping, scripts and the whole economy was started from scratch. Our Dev team has been working hard to make this server as great and unique as possible. The server is set to launch before June 1st. 

The Project Manager's responsibilities will include attracting new players, setting up events, running player polls, etc... 

If you are interested please PM me here for more information on what we are looking for or add me on discord: Conor#2855

The map is Chernarus Redux but with our own custom mapping as well.

Here is our mod list:


Extended Base Mod

Cup Units, Vehicles, Weapons, etc..

DS Houses

Extended Survival Pack

Ryan Zombies(Configured to make sense...)


TRYK Uniforms


There are also many custom scripts.

We have implemented multiple features we thought would enhance the "Survival PvP" experience such as:

Rad Zones(Good loot)

Realistic Economy

Weather system




Vehicle Component Repair (Think Arma 2 Overpoch.... Rotors, engines, glass, etc...

....and more!

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