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Can't Unlock Vehicles - Revisited


So I'm getting this - a problem that goes way back to 2015:


Mine is doing as Eichi says.... If I hold the key down, the PIN pad stays there.  Otherwise it disappears real fast.  I saw there was once a patch by Rod Serling that supposedly fixed it but it is no longer there.  If I bind custom key 1, that's a local client fix only, isn't it?  That means each player would have to know to do that in order for that to work.  That's unlikely to happen.  Is there a global fix?  And my server is up-to-date, including the latest version of Infistar but it made no difference whether Infistar was loaded or not.   It didn't work either way.  Is there a fix or patch?


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Hello @Bob_the_K,

This was an issue with ANY locked door.  By using the custom key, reduced greatly the chance of it happening.  Also, the custom key is for each player.  For example, I use the 'U' key to 'unlock'.

If memory serves me well, what you can do is to 'open' your 'Action Menu', then use the unlock key.  If I remember, by doing this 'work-around', the keypad ALWAYS opened.

As far as a 'fix' by Rod, I do not recall one by him.  This does not mean he did not have one.  I have been on this site since the beginning days when they used another website for the forums, and I do not recall it.  Even if it did exist, I would be weary that it would even work anymore as Exile and ARMA has changed several times since then.


Set a custom key and use it!  It should work 99% of the time, if not, open the 'Action Menu', then try it.  But I do not recall having this issue in a LONG TIME.  I would also suspect a 'funky' mod being run on the server you're playing on too.

How to tell?  Test out some other server which does NOT run the same mods!


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