Hey Guys,

My friends and I are building a Tanoa Exile server with a bunch of custom expanded cities. Problem is I've put fire escapes with pier ladders leading to all the roof tops and all of the pier ladders that lead from the top of the fire escapes to the roofs give you an exile digital pad lock when you try to climb them, and we have no idea what the code is or why these are defaulting as locked. I mostly do the map editing, but I know the .sqfs I am exporting with eden exile mod do not have any additional scripts and the ladders are just good old fashioned stock pier ladders. So, it must be something outside of my .sqf. 

Anyone else seen this or know what we did wrong to cause this?

Please help guys,

Creeping Jesus.

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I would try searching for the classname of the ladder in your mission folder to see if something is messing around with it. 

Apart from that, I've done a fair amount of map editing and placing all types of ladders and can't say I've ever experienced that

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