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I have searched and searched, I hope I didnt overlook it but after 3 hours, Im going to ask here. I used the guide at 

 to setup CUP with exile. The problem is that the loot table provided there isn't in the same format as what's required now. Can anyone help get an updated one? Or if there is a way to convert this one? I saw a Loot Compiler on the download links, but have literally no clue how to use what I have to get the result I need. So I'd need step by step instructions please. Thank you!

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This dev blog takes you through a step by step process of how to use the loot compiler.

I strongly suggest you learn this as, once you have learnt it, you'll see how quick and simple it is and it will then give you freedom to recompile your loot every time you add or change items on your server


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