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The Xiled Official - Chernarus - UK/EU

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Welcome to

The Xiled

An Arma 3 Exile server that is based on the map Chernarus. We are looking for Game Staff, Discord Staff and Server Developers. The Founder of The Xiled is John Dana or LCKY. He is currently working on getting the server up and running for everyone to have fun and play on, but he can not do it forever, as he is not a developer. We have been giving help from one of the Owners friends who is an Exile Moderator to help us out with starting up the server and getting it going.

If you want to ask questions about becoming an Xiled Staff Member, Discord Staff or a Server Developer, please contact LCKY on the Discord Server.

Our Discord Invite:

The Xiled | Chernarus | 30 Slots

Server #1:

The Xiled Temporary Website:

Big Thanks to our friend Snow


Kind Regards

The Xiled Team


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