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Its time to step up and become a admin or moderator of our server! We are looking for 1 Admin and a few moderators to join our team and maintain and play in our server! What do you need? We are looking for people who know what you are doing not to abuse your power and maybe even set up your own faction and grow the server population stream video and enjoy our server! Exile Last Hope is a war zone and its your job to restore it. These things you do not have to do BTW! But as a admin youll help financially Fund the server and Look after it help set up missions sort complaints and even join the local military or rebels. Moderators job will be to just help players when they need it they will be able to revive and teleport to players who need support and to manage suggestions to the admins and even deal with Admin abuse! If you are intrestes at all You can go to  or join this group and message the discord or PM me on this! Thankyou

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