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MySQL Dumper - web based auto backup to FTP

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MySQL Dumper created by Daniel Schlichtholz

Grab it here: or here

About: MySQLDumper is a free web based backup/restore script for MYSQL which can handle huge dbs. You can use cpanel's cron jobs to create regular backups of multiple databases to FTP sites. Unfortunately there is no longer any support, however install / setup is easy.

Installation is very easy: Upload the install files to your website. Configure the databases & ftp site to backup to.

Here is a tutorial:

Schedule backups: 

1. in MySQLDumper click in the "backup" tab.

2. Click "Backup Perl"

3. Copy the "Commandline in the Shell or for the Crontab" (your path to MysqlDumper will be different):


    perl /home/your_user_name/public_html/mybackups/msd_cron/ -config=mysqldumper -html_output=0

4. Open Cpanel on your website.

5. Click "cron Jobs".
6. Schedule how often you would like to backup & if you want to receive an email notification.

7. Paste in the MysqlDumper command into the "command section".

Sit back & crack a beer.


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