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Dialog store list refresh time

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What i did and what was my goal :
To suit my needs, i added some attributes & functions in Exile 3den plug-in to export in a specific file my own 'static objects' with a trader type attribute value. Then in code, i added the actions to these objects as defined in the Exile traders type sub-class useractions.
This way, i use some static objects as traders and it's (seems) working pretty well.

But there is a problem :
The problem is the time to update the trader dialog store list in 'ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateStoreListBox' (e.g with equipment trader)
The time it takes to complete the update (depends on the categories&items quantity) is about 5X faster with a standard Exile trader. (e.g 0.218 vs 1.14)
I've tested this in the Editor, on a dedicated server, with static objects or camanbase classes as well.
That does not sound like a real big deal but depends on items-qty and that leaves sufficient time for the player to see that in the right part of the dialog :



So, what is the main difference between instancing a trader with his useractions sub-class and a man with same action manually added afterward ?
Is there some sort of pre-load thing cache in the first case ?
If someone can help me please, by pointing me what i definitely did not understand, or with some idea/workaround ?

Thanks !

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