Whenever I switch clothing I loose items but only when switching the main 3 clothing piece (Uniform, Vest, Backpack). For example today, I switched my uniform for one that I thought looked better, But once I swapped them, I lost a magazine for my weapon that was inside of my vest. This ONLY happens in exile, And I have no idea why. This is NOT the relogging bug from 2015. This only happens when I switch clothing, I dont just loose magazines either. I loose any type of loot in my inventory, whether thats meds, Ammo, Water, Food, Misc Items. Anything.

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Hello @MapleMan,

While you stated this only happens in Exile, this is not quite true.  This is a 'feature' of ARMA itself.  You can try this yourself by going into the editor and putting down some gear, your equipped person, then start the mission.  Swap the gear out and it will 'disappear'.

It is possible that on some servers they have a script running which 'copies' your gear then 'puts it back on you' after you swap out.

However, the 'loss of gear' is a default function of ARMA, not Exile.



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