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VengenceNetworks is an Arma 3 Community and only hosts an Exile server for the meantime. We are currently working on an Exile server that will be worked on one of the newest edits of Chernarus. Chernarus 2035 is the map that we will be working with our server. We are hoping to add our own custom scripts in the furture, but for now it will only be basic script etc.

We are going to be customzing death screen GUI, Spawn GUI and all of the other known GUI's to our logo designs colors.

Let's get into why I am posting on this forum. Well I am posting on this forum because I am looking for Amatuer Arma 3 developers that would like to help us out for free, Yeah for Free!!! The Reason I am saying for free is because money is short for me right now, I currently pay £30/monthly for a VPS that I try to develop on, but I am not experienced enough. We currently do not need Staff, but you can reply below if you are interested and I will keep it in mind for the future.


Kind regards



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