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Do I need to write my own "scoreboard" type server messages?

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Hey all, quick question- Im not that great at finding the right topics in forums, so sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

OK, so I want a scoreboard to pop up every hour in the chat to shot the top players.

kills, respect, deaths, play time, that kinda thing. Ive seen a similar one on my old Dayz server clan doolittle.


my question, is ive done searches here and google, and cant find what im looking for. I've done some sql and understand how to make strings in arma's language, but i dont want to spend 5+ hours writing a scoreboard from scratch if someone else knows of one. so, please PLEASE! someone hook me up with a link, or direction? please? if none exist, then i'll go ahead and write it, and post it here when im done, so there is one for future learning admins.



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