extDB3 Problem, server not booting up

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 1:46:59 "ExileServer - Server is loading..."
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - ServerPassword MATCH! server locked for init"
 1:46:59 Client: Nonnetwork object c1feee00.
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - error! error! error! error! error! error!"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - you have added weapons to your server that spawn in with attachments."
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - this will allow duping and money farming!"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - to solve this, please remove the following weapons from your loot tables and trader config or replace them with their non-attachment equivalent:"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - [""rhs_weap_g36c_grip1"",""rhs_weap_g36c_grip2"",""rhs_weap_g36c_grip3"",""rhs_weap_g36kv_grip1"",""rhs_weap_g36kv_grip2"",""rhs_weap_g36kv_grip3""]"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - example: use arifle_katiba_f instead of arifle_katiba_aco_pointer_snds_f."
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - installed extdb3 version: [0,""Error Invalid Format""]"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - mysql connection error!"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - make sure [database] in the extdb3-conf.ini is set to [exile] unless you have a different database setup!!!!!"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - please have a look at @extdb3/logs/ to find out what went wrong."
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - mysql error: error required extdb3 version 1.027 or higher: [0,""Error Invalid Format""]"
 1:46:59 "ExileServer - server will shutdown now :("

so thats what happens and username, password, and database name are set properly

thats what is sitting in extdb logs 


extDB3: Version: 1.027
extDB3: Linux Version
Message: All development for extDB3 is done on a Linux Dedicated Server
Message: If you would like to Donate to extDB3 Development
Message: Also leave a message if there is any particular feature you would like to see added.
Message: Thanks for all the people that have donated.
Message: Torndeco: 18/05/15

extDB3: Found extdb3-conf.ini
extDB3: Detected 8 Cores, Setting up 6 Worker Threads
extDB3: ...
extDB3: ...
extDB3: ...
extDB3: ...
extDB3: ...
extDB3: ...

[01:46:59 +00:00] [Thread 30698] extDB3: Error Invalid Format: 9:version

i already regret i wanted to move from extdb2 to 3 .....

followed this guide

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