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hey guys, We have incorporated an Oil Rig structure into our server out in the water and I have created a static DMS mission for it. I know the specified spawn locations are [X, Y, Height ATL] so for the oil rig the height would be to the seabed floor. I used the height from the object: transformation tab when double clicking. What seems to be happening is that the AI spawn in but all the roaming AI spawn in dead. What it looks like they are spawning in the air and falling to their death because they are on top of buildings and the AI set for the first level seem to be dead on buildings on the upper level, but the static MG emplacements are fine. Any Idea? Attached is the pastebin of the mission file. I spoke to Kuplion on the exile discord and he suggested It might be how im spawning in the AI and having to change my script to account for the objects in the water. Any advice would be greatly appreciatted.

I can also attach the oil rig if people would like to check it out and put that on their server and do with what they please.

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