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Problems with @exile

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Hi all,

I had a small/big problem:

I rent an arma3 inside, with @exile in client and server, my problem start as soon as i really noob in what to configure, if i need to do it, but there wasnt any basic/standard mission to play, only Altis full map, no IA, no zombies, no good loot, well a big map to run :)

I played in one server with CUP mod, enhancement movement, CBA, and dual arms, ryan zombies, and asked support the way to install/add those mods to my server, to try to play as in other one. It took couple of hours to support fellow, to upload and install the mods, but i cant select them when i connect to my server, only exile option seem to be avaliable, if I force to run those mods, all keys are worng and be diconnectred to the server.

I really nee to learn how to do thing, sure, but, is the any basic/standar mission, to use while i put my brain working?

What files i need to configure to let the server run correctly?

Thx for reading

server mods.jpg

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Hello @takikardia_wow,

There are MANY  things to be done.

#1- You must have the mod on the server

#2 - The mods must be loading with ARMA

#3 - The mods must be configured

#4 - The mods SHOULD BE the latest version of the mod

#5 - The mods MUST work with Exile (not all will)


Most mods have tutorials on how to install them.  There are too many steps on how to install mods and each one is different.  Sadly, you must read and follow the documentation that comes with those mods.

There is no 'do this' and it works sadly.

There are plenty of tutorials on this site and on others.  Just make SURE that they are for the CURRENT version of ARMA, Exile, and for the mod.  Some are very outdated and will NOT work!

Good luck!



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