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Kajman Weapon System Pilot / Gunner controls

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The Primary armament for the Kajman are as follows - 

  • 1× Cannon Caseless 30 mm
  • 8× Skalpel ATGM [Default]
  • 2× Skyfire Rocket Pods [Default]

The way the Kajman is configured in exile all 3  weapon systems are controlled by the gunner. If this is intentional it has been done to deliberately affect the way the helicopter is flown and used. If this is unintentional then a mistake has been made, potentially just an oversight. I've waited for a long time, and searched from time to time for anyone mentioning or discussing this issue, I haven't found anyone referencing it any time i've ever searched for an answer or any detail about why this helicopter is configured this way.

If you have ever flown the Kajman on KOTH you will know, the gunner has control of the cannon as well as the ATGM skalpel missiles. The Pilot has control of the 2x skyfire rocket pods, these skyfires are not lock on missiles. The pilot aims the helicopter and fires them at will. The gunner and the pilot cooperate with the pilot manoeuvring to give the gunner line of sight to use the guns and the ATGM's. The pilot also has the ability to fly the helicopter and fire the straight firing skyfires  which is basically the armament of a pawnee. 

The problem I have is, in Exile, The pilot has NO control over firing the skyfire missiles. The pilot has to line up and aim and then tell the gunner to fire the skyfires when the reticle moves over the desired target. This is counter productive as the pilot is the one who is supposed to be able to fire the straight firing skyfire missiles from the 2 pods.  The pilot is the one in control over where the aiming reticle is as he/she is the one in control of the helicopter, to have to rely on the gunner to fire as the helicopter is manoeuvring simply complicates the situation. 

The kajman is correctly configured on KOTH as the pilot controls the skyfire missiles and the gunner has control over the cannon and ATGM's, leaving the pilot to control the aircraft and fire skyfires at what ever is required when moving through an area. 

If this situation / configuration has been discussed before then i'm sorry but I havn't been able to find it. I would seriously at this point like to know if this has been done intentionally and why or if this is just a simple oversight that could be remedied in the future. I really do enjoy the kajman on KOTH but is is crippled in exile. I play on militarised exile servers with jets and other mods that allow for vehicles that has more firepower and are faster that the kajman. I just don't understand why the kajman would be configured to hamper the way it is meant to be used.

Any information, any help or anything really would be really appreciated. If anyone has any info on where specifcally the kajman is configured in exile in terms of which weapon systems the gunner / pilot have control of. 

And finally just to be clear, I'm not interested in the pilot gaining access control over the lock on ATGM's, I just believe the pilot should have control over the skyfire missiles. ( The ones that just/simply go where the heli is currently aimed)

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This command manipulates the pylon loadout like the editors "pylon settings" function.

[pylon name/index, magazine name, forced = false, turret = [] (empty for pilot)] : Array

Last entry in the Array determines wo controls the pylon.
pylon names should be "pylonleft2" and "pylonright2"
Magazine name should be "PylonRack_19Rnd_Rocket_Skyfire"

Just have to fiddle around a bit and it should work.

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