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How Many Headless Clients on 1 System?


Practically speaking, how many HC's could you run on a Xeon E3 1270v5 with 32G RAM?  I'm probably asking for opinions here.  I'm considering a headless OS such as CentOS to get more headroom.  We have 2 boxes running 8 Exile servers and I'd like to get some HC's going to lighten the load.  Ideally, I'd have 6-8 on a 3rd dedicated box.  

Does it boil down to the number of cores?  That would mean 4 on the processor above.  If so, could you feasibly run ~16 HC's if you had as many cores? Obviously, RAM would have to scale as well.

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IT thoughts (day job):

- RAM doesn't seem to be an Arma/Exile problem

- Take a look at how much CPU usage is occurring - don't forget to take a look at the speed the CPU is running (e.g., at 4.0 GHz) as it seems speed is more important than load

- Add an HC and review RAM/CPU - one thing to check here is how many page faults are occurring. Windows generally page faults quite a bit (VMS heritage) but Linux shouldn't page fault much. If you are page faulting you are a swapping to disk and that will slow things down even with an SSD

- Check your disk usage - make sure that your disk queues are filling up. Even an SSD has limits (plus the bus, etc.)

- Make sure hyperthreading is enabled. HT is NOT a 100% core but it is better than nothing (on the other hand I've seen applications that slow down with HT but I don't think this is the case with Arma)

- Not sure on this one - take a good look at how you set up your database (I'm assuming your database is on the same server - if not, network needs to be looked at too as it isn't local loopback). You don't want your queue depth to get too deep - that would be wait states

Basically, I'd add an HC and monitor it. If things are good, added another HC. Rinse and repeat.


-- Terror_Nova

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I'd say that you should account a headless client per server, and plan for it to make it use the same resources as another server would on the same box.


So if you run 2 servers on 1 box, then you should run 1 server and 1 HC on the same box. 


I am not sure how many resources your HC will use, so depending on that, you could even have 2 HC for 1 server on the same box, it all depends on what they are doing.

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