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Poptabs show on every Player 999999 but in DB its the Value that they had


Hey guys,

i recently added a File to my server in the CfgCustomCode for the TaruPods to be buyable (i know i should have done it a other way) but now the Mony shows only 999999 but the Players still have their Money. Its also telling me that everywhere on the ground are 999999 Poptabs.

_responseCode = _this select 0;
_vehicleNetID = _this select 1;
_newPlayerMoneyString = _this select 2;
if (_responseCode isEqualTo 0) then
    _vehicleObject = objectFromNetId _vehicleNetID;
    _newPlayerMoney = parseNumber _newPlayerMoneyString;
    _salesPrice = ExileClientPlayerMoney - _newPlayerMoney;
    ExileClientPlayerMoney = _newPlayerMoney;
    if (!((_vehicleObject isKindof "Pod_Heli_Transport_04_base_F") or (_vehicleObject isKindof "Slingload_base_F"))) then {
	player moveInDriver _vehicleObject;
    ["VehiclePurchasedInformation", [_salesPrice * -1]] call ExileClient_gui_notification_event_addNotification;
    systemChat format["Failed to purchase vehicle: %1", _responseCode];

Thats the File that changed it.


I removed it aswell from the config.cpp in the CfgCustomCode but the money is still not working anymore.


Thanks for the Help


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15 hours ago, hogansheroes said:

I didnt know you had to have a script to run so you can buy the pods, revert your changes and just add the pods to the traders like other vehicles are.

Already done that. Still not working. But thanks anyways.

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