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Able to die in safezones?

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Hello @geekm0nkey,

I tried to find some 'background' to give you, but I did not wish to spend a lot of time looking for it...sorry.

What I can tell you is though, 'God Mode' does not always work.  This is an issue with Bohemia.  I have been killed using 'God Mode' in InfiSTAR and in my own mod I use in SP.  I have died using both and in both MP and in SP.

99% of the time, you will not 'get hurt'.  That 1% of the time, you will.

(IS = InfiSTAR)

Is this YOUR case?  That I do not know.  If it happens to EVERYBODY, I would suspect a mission/IS error.  If it only happened to HIM ONCE, then I would suspect the 'bug'.  If it happens to HIM EVERY TIME, I would suspect his player data in the DB is 'corrupt' somehow.

As I have also not examined the code, there maybe a SZ 'height' involved.  For example, the SZ is ONLY in effect when the player is on the ground or below a certain height.

Try to recreate it being on the ground would be one way to test this theory.  You also could put yourself in a heli above this SZ, no god mode, and blow-up the heli and see what happens.  Do this to that player too.  This would 'test' the height theory as well as is it him or anybody.


I would look into these as well as any config issues with the mission/SZ itself AND and IS config issues.



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Go back to the spot and try to recreate it. I'm going to bet it was a lag issue where he did not obtain god mode after entering the safe zone. He may not have even received the message that he entered safe zone.

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