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Scott Smithy

"Server loading" then spawns me in water?



Im having a issue where the server says "Server loading" and then it just spawns me into the water, not able to move or to open any kind of menus, below is a attached photo of the issue.

Things I have tried to do to solve this issue:

1. Re do a Mysql server in case it was the Database

2. completly re-install everything to do with Mysql and start from fresh

3. Change the config that says # Set the SQL mode to strict
sql-mode=""    is my current input

Another issue I am having is that the server status doesn't show up or change untill somone joins and then it reads the mission file. any fix for either one of these issues would be much appreciated.

I've also included a RPT from the server files : https://pastebin.com/ZzfvvaJM


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