Looking for players to join me. EU

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Im currently looking for 4-6 players join me in what hopefully will be an amazing adventure.

Im looking for mature players, 18 or older 16 and up can do if your mature enough.

I got 2.4k hours in Arma 3.

Pm me on discord if you want to join me FreddyDG#1732

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Hi there. I'm a 41 years old Arma 3 player, from Portugal, part of a Milsim Community (Armalusa).

I'm looking for people to play with, no trolls, in a team style play mode. I have 1302hrs of Arma 3 but I must confess that I don't have much experience in Exile, due to the fact that this mod it's not played amongst the above mentioned community.
If you're willing to team up and share some of your knowledge I'll be honoured to join you. I just ask some patience in the beginning, I'm a fast learner!


AceVentura (ftexpt on Steam)

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