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Advanced Sling Loading Help me fix bugs, please


I'm using this version: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30334

I found some bugs and I can't realizes how fix it, so could anyone help me with then, please?

1) I noticed that sometimes you use the option to deploy rope from vehicle and it don't works. WIth A LOT of tests and time spent on it i realized that you need first enter as driver on vehicle. After you do it you can deploy ropes with no problem. How check that to show an toast popup to players to tell them enter the vehicle first? Its really bad you use one command and nothing happens...


2) I tried sling one boat: RHIB but i can't. I use the option to attach rope, but again nothing happens =( I think that was about size, or width, or vehicle can sling them, but all that i tried i failed =(

Changed mpmissions init.sqf:

I suppose that is permission for lift some vehicles, so i tried:

ASL_SLING_RULES_OVERRIDE  = [ ["Air", "CAN_SLING", "AllVehicles"] ];

Nothing happens

So i suppode that could be weight, so i tried:


Nothing happens again...

3) I changed this type of popup:

//["Cannot attach cargo ropes to locked vehicle",false] call ASL_Hint; // replaced for the one above.
["ErrorTitleOnly", ["Cannot attach cargo ropes to locked vehicle!"]] call ExileClient_gui_toaster_addTemplateToast;

It worked.

But when i tried with those different ones, it don't worked:

//[["The cargo ropes are too short. Move vehicle closer.", false],"ASL_Hint",_player] call ASL_RemoteExec;
[_player, "toastRequest", ["ErrorTitleOnly", ["The cargo ropes are too short. Move vehicle closer."]]] call ExileServer_system_network_send_to;

I changed to it, drive one vehicle too far away. Picked the rope, try to attach, but nothing happens. I didn't tested with original msg, but is this structure all right?

I want get errors popups, or something that told users that, for e.g, "This vehicle is to heavy to be lift by your heli." or "You can't lift this type of vehicle", or anything else instead nothing happens...

3) I noticed that there are a lot of errors messages that actually will never be activated. Like as:

if(count _slingLoadPoints < _cargoCount) exitWith {
				[["Vehicle doesn't support " + _cargoCount + " cargo ropes", false],"ASL_Hint",_player] call ASL_RemoteExec;

Because it only appears options to more than one rope if the vehicle can hold then. I tested with ORCA and its only shows me options to select between one or 2 ropes. AFter tried with Taru and it shows me to select one, two or three ropes. So i didn't see the options if the vehicle ins't capable to. Right, or i1m worng? 

What i really want is use arma 3 oficial lift system with all helis and with exile and others mods vehicles. Advanced Sling is the nearest i found, but im heaving a lot of troubles. Just to air lift others. I already have advanced towing that works perfect to land vehicles. :D
One VERY BAD think i found on Advanced Sling is that i can't auto attach ropes, like as arma 3 oficial. I cant just fly over one vehicle and slow ropes and take the vehicle. i've to land heli, take out ropes and manually place then. Have a way to enable default Arma 3 lift system, but enables it to be used with all helis and change weight lift capacity of the helis?

Could you help me to fix Advanced Sling Loading or recommend me one better mod? I don't like the EF3 lift version without ropes... I liked Advanced sling. i loved the ability to extend and lower ropes but im getting troubles and troubles...


Thank you!!!!

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