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what makes a server lag


i was wondering if i needed to fix my server fps what i should be looking for?

what mod/setting drops the most fps?

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From my experience (and I have none running a server with a big pop) assuming you take the physical server performance out of the equation and just look at mods/settings then it's often the ones with lots of missions, too much roaming AI and that sort of thing. Also, ones that have really big databases with heaps of things to load.

Essentially, the more stuff (base parts, custom areas etc.) you have on the server and the more things it has to run/calculate (such as roaming AI, walking zed etc.) the slower and laggier it'll be.

The other aspect is the server itself, if it's shared hardware without dedicated resources or slower/older hardware then you'll also end up with laggier servers. Always keep in mind that ARMA is not great at multi threading so high speed cores are always important with anything ARMA related.

Hopefully that helps and others with experience running high pop servers can provide their advice too.

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Hello @Alucard,

As @Riker2335 has stated:

Map objects and server specs.

The greater the number of map objects (O) = Lower FPS

The slower the PC (C) = Lower FPS

The more players (P) = Lower FPS

FPS = O + C + P

There is no 'getting around'  this.  This is also true on ANY type of MP game where you can build things.  ALL have this issue.

Even if you had the biggest computer in the world, there is a limit.

There is no 'formula' to determine which you use.  It is a balancing act that YOU must determine as time goes along.  What works for one person most likely will not work for you.

For example, if you have only 5 people, you can have 50 AI.  If you have 25 people, you might be able to have 10 AI on your current computer setup.  Get a better PC, you might be able to double those amounts.  Who knows?  NO ONE!  ;)




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