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Stuck in the ground


So I always played on this exile server and had no problems connecting until now. I connect to the serve but when I am in the serve I am stuck in the ground looking at an empty bit of land and after about 20 seconds or so it automatically disconnects me from the server back to the list of all arma servers.

Here is a video so you can see what I am talking about.


I was told by an admin of the serve that my character was not initializing and I need to make sure arma was up to date and verify my game files. I did this and It still does not work.

Another admin told me that I was stuck in the spwan area and I needed to be teleported by an admin but apparently I don't stay on the server long enough to be teleported.

I have no ideas what to do to fix this and was hoping someone here could help me. Thanks

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Well this stuck is a bit different that i all i've seen before.

Post here your log files (.RTP files), lets see if have something to help us discover whats happening.
To see your log files, on windows, press WIN KEY + R or Click on win menu > Run. Type: "%localappdata%\arma 3" and press enter.
There u can find the log files. Paste them on pastebin.com and post the link here, please.

I suggest you first verify integrity of ur Arma 3 game. If u're using Steam, you can right click Arma 3 game, left click on Properties. Go to tab Local Files and click the button: Verify integrity of games files.

If it don't fix, ask the admin's of the server to delete all data of ur character from the server's database and try log in again.
You can also test join another exile server. If u don't got errors, its server's fault, if u got, its ur arma game fault...

Good luck!

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