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besides why would you want the zombies to walk and to change the walking inside the config.sqf look for

EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeedwalker        = 1.0;      // Animation speed for walker zombies
EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeedslow          = 1.1;      // Animation speed for slow zombies
EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeedmedium        = 1.2;        // Animation speed for medium zombies
EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeedfast          = 1.4;      // Animation speed for fast zombies
EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeeddemon         = 1.3;        // Animation speed for demons
EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeedspider        = 1.3;        // Animation speed for spider
EZM_ryanzombiesmovementspeedcrawler       = 1.3;        // Animation speed for crawler


and change to suit 

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