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FPS Trouble


Hi, good!

I knew that arma 3 always have many troubles with fps but now i want some help.
It was running good, 55~60+ fps no trouble.

After i installed dms+occupation and just a few other mods: Advanced tow, advanced sling, a3f, ebm and enhanced movement, no more, i noticed that servers crapped fps to low. Many time fps just drops to 19, 22 that causes the "little freezes". Its all clientside, don't knew about server.
Most perceptive while driving at 1st person.

I've an i7 3.5ghz, 16gb ram and gtx 980ti asus strix 6gb. And i don't play arma 3 in 4k because its impossible :P  im using 1080p now.
W2008 server with 8gb ram dual xenon 3.2ghz... a3 64 bit server and client.

Maybe some wrong config? Anyone has same issues or knew a way to better it?

Thank you!

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5 hours ago, Sgt Smash said:

How many occupation AI have you got roaming around in total?

50. But is hard meet then.
I placed 50 at total: 3 boats 1 heli and 5 cars. I just find the heli all time that i played. And i config one taxi heli too.

3 missions at same time, 1 heli crash, 2 suply drops.

Are all AI spawned at the same time?


Thank you!!

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